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May 18, 2012 Sabah Snake Grass Sabah Snake Grass

If you want to buy Organic Sabah Snake Grass, you can order from the Sabah Snake Grass supplier. I had found a cheaper sabah snake grass supplier from Malaysia, they are The Tole. The reason that I recommended them is because they deliver Sabah Snake Grass worldwide and they plant the Organic Sabah Snake Grass. To show the treatment more effectively, I decided to eat the fresh organic Sabah Snake Grass. So I order Sabah Snake Grass from The Tole, since I saw they plant it themselves and take care it very well in their garden.

The Tole plant the Sabah Snake Grass in their garden – The Tole Garden. Sabah Snake Grass is taking care by the gardener and Master Leong himself. I saw a lot of people/supplier selling SSG in their website but they do not deliver to other country but The Tole can. If you are not staying in Malaysia or maybe you are staying at another state (The Tole is in Kuala Lumpur), you can bank in to The Tole and they will deliver the Sabah Snake Grass to your house in 5 working days.

Another advantage is, The Tole selling Sabah Snake Grass in a low price. Yes, I had compared The Tole with other supplier. The Tole is selling Sabah Snake Grass at RM25 for 100gm in raw form and RM25 for 10 gm in dry form.  This is the cheapest price that I found in Malaysia.

That is a lot of people saying, Sabah Snake Grass will bring some side effect. For my opinion, it is just because that you did not eat the Sabah Snake Grass in a right way. You need to know your body system is ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ then you can decide how much and how you eat Sabah Snake Grass. Once you eat in a correct way, no side effect will show. Seek for advice – Cancer Herbs Advice

If you need to know how to eat the Sabah Snake Grass in the correct way or you need a cancer advice, you can contact The Tole. The Tole is an acupuncture and herbal medicine medical center. The Tole is willing to give advice to the people for those who need it. They had treat a lot of cancer patient. Do not be hesitating to seek for an advice from The Tole.

Where to buy Sabah Snake Grass?
You can order Sabah Snake Grass Cancer Herbs here -> Online Order Sabah Snake Grass

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4 Responses to “Organic Sabah Snake Grass Sale”

  • Julie says:

    I Like to Buy a couple of plants. can you let me know what i need to do

    • Sabah Snake Grass says:

      Hi, Julie. I only know The Tole is one of the trusted supplier who selling ORGANIC Sabah Snake Grass. You can email to them how much you want to buy.

      Their email address is

      Thank you.

  • mai says:

    Hi I like to buy one of sabah snake grass who to contract and how to buy one plant please get back at me thank you.

  • leong says:


    I have a product which can keep your SSG fresh and lasting. This is actually a machine of packaging has been used by all butcher, fish manufacturer, tea supplier, and other whole grain supplier.

    But since it is to expensive and bulky. Now we have come out a new portable version. If you need more info. just reply me i will send to you.


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