The way to keep Sabah Snake Grass

May 21, 2012 Sabah Snake Grass Sabah Snake Grass

The better way to eat Sabah Snake Grass is to take it fresh! However, if your house cannot plant Sabah Snake Grass you can brought it from the Sabah Snake Grass supplier. So after you received the Sabah Snake Grass how will you keep it? Is there a better way to keep the Sabah Snake Grass? The answer is – YES! How to keep it? The following is the way that I keep my Sabah Snake Grass.

  1. Received a pack of fresh Organic Sabah Snake Grass.
  2. Put Sabah Snake Grass in a Tupperware or a plastic box.
  3. Last, keep it in refrigerator.


The fresh Sabah Snake Grass is more effective than a dry Sabah Snake Grass. So make sure you keep it in refrigerator well.

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keep Sabah Snake Grasssabah snake grass

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